My Life with Twin Sons


This year my boys turned 9 years old. I have sat there and thought so many times were has the time gone. They have grown up so so fast. They have become such great little boys and i am so proud of them and all that they have gone thru and over come. This year they are going into the 4th grade. Cant wait to see wait they can do this next year.

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Back again!!

Yes i am back in action and hopefully things will start settling down more as the boys are starting back to school in a few weeks. I have been busy with many personal issues but i think we have them all figured out and can get back to the regular schedule and everyone can start relaxing again. We are trying find a new job so we are in a better spot. I had found health coverage but trying to find it at an amount that we can afford. This day in age things are hard waiting for things to balance out a bit.

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