My Life with Twin Sons

its that time

Once again as the new year starts the boys have to once again have to audition for chorus again.. IMO i think its freaking stupid that they have to audition each time. They were in the last concert, i think once they are in there at the beginning they should be in there the rest of the year. I am thinking of switching it up on the boys and have them start doing instruments. Im thinking of helping the school save on hohner harmonicas. This way the kids in the school have a variety of things to choose from and not the same hold boring things.

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sleeping is short lived with me. my brain hasnt shut off in a few days. i have been having so many weird dreams. i want things to work out with what is going on and i truly hope it all works.

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Keeping the fence closed at our house is always an issue as my littlest dog has his pointy little nose sticking under the gate.. well we kept wondering how in the world that he was getting out. I know that we were locking the gate but so some reason he kept sneaking out. We ended up watching him without him knowing and we was actually opening the gate so we needed to get bunch of cutter pins to help the door stay closed. So far they have been doing their job!!

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